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taking down the Cristmas tree -day

I remember when i used to draw my own postcards and write them myself and put them in the mail box .. before the internet age..

Yesterday i finally managed to pay a visit to my 87 years old Godmother . She has been living alone for about 40 years. Always receiving visits, former students sending her letters on her birthday and Christmas and women’s day and most any occasion. It was a bit overwhelming my entire teenage years to actually keep up with them.  Nonetheless i was happy, i always knew she never felt forgotten or no longer important. Cos’she will always be important and never forgotten.

She said she is ashamed to go out so much nowadays. Because Old age is ugly! Then she showed us photos she took on New year’s day and photos of the friends who visited her and as she browsed through the gallery she said we should take some photos together- WITH HER OWN SMARTPHONE .  I laughed..

“OLD age you said ? You’re more connected than dad and you’re properly using your phone, which not a lot of people over 85 can do” I think you should forget about old age and if your heart or the Alzheimer won”t keep you, then go out more often, meet your friends and by all means take photos.”

As we were sipping the delicious coffee and traditional cake she had made herself, she mentioned withe the same wit in her eyes and a joyous tone:

“You know , today, is actually the last day of winter celebration. (pauses a bit and looks straight at me- i could read : “you finally made it,  i am happy, i have more reason to celebrate now, thank you! )

She continued: “Today is the day you’re supposed to take down the Christmas tree .”

i smiled and stuffed my face with cake . This is so goood!i said.

She does not know the reason i visited her is because my dad, ended up in a hospital just a couple of kilometers from her place, that his heart is weak and he might need surgery and he could not answer his mobile when she casually called him the day before.. He asked me to keep her busy until he would be ok to answer to her himself.

“It’s winter and -10 degrees and it would be very bad for her to go out ..if she knew her dear nephew is so close and so sick she would storm out…to visit. “My dad thought.

I think she can handle herself better than all of us. She is the strong one. She will be fine and she will be there to visit next year too and maybe the next one also and the next …

Real Beauty knows no Age _by blogtrotter.

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The Dear Darling list _prelude

I don’t know whether if you’ll ever speak any other language than English my darling daughter, therefore i am starting this list and English i shall use.

But if you will ever be curious enough to find out more about your mother i leave you this blog. it goes way back to my careless days but i’m afraid that for the older ones you will have to learn Romanian.  I know it is not easy,  but trust me, it’s slightly easier to learn than Hungarian.

So here i am , here we are, you are sound asleep in bed with your dad as i begin to put these words down , it’s a few days before Christmas and 2018 has not been a good year. I lost my mother , your Buni this year and words cannot ever be enough to describe the pain i feel every day , not even if i were to be the best poet or writer who has ever walked the earth..  It’s you my love, you keep me connected now, around you revolves my whole universe and i hope i will show you at least half the love my own mother showed me. Then, with this hope, i will live through the rest of my days .

I love you. i’ll tell it to you everyday, even when i shout at you , even when i feel sad. i hope you will know this and feel it stronger than any other feeling. i am here always. You are the most beautiful part of me and no matter what or who comes into your life, know that your mother is always with you and will always love you . No matter what.

Now, about family: You have one. Beyond mom and dad, beyond whomever you will fall in love with and maybe marry one day, you have cousins and aunts and uncles and great uncles and aunts and at this moment, today, 3 loving grandparents and 1 quite amazing angel watching over you. Even though they all live far away, they will always receive you with open arms. All of them.One message away. Should you ever find yourself alone and scared, never hesitate to look them up.

And here it is : the reason for this list. I want you to always feel safe and not ever alone. Be strong my dear and brave. You’ve got everything else already.

Love, mom.

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rainy morning conversation

 She peeked her curly little head through the bedroom door: “Mommy, what are you doing? 

“Looking for myself, i mumbled, staring at the bottom of the jewelry box.

In there?? she curiously stepped in and raised herself on tiptoes to see on top of the shelf, where the box was.

Some day, i will tell you all about these jewels, they all have a story, and a history some of them. They will be yours one day and i hope you will like them.. at least some.

Are you kidding me? All mine? wow! now i can really become a princess like you.

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Yes, Lord, I prick!
Life is not easy —
But You know that —
and I have too much on my shoulders!
I speak of my prickles
but thank You for them.
You at least
have understood me,
that is why You made me
such a pinball.
How else can I defend myself?
When people see me,
my anxious nose
searching for the fat slugs
that devastate the garden,
why can’t they leave me alone?
Ah! But when I think proper,
I can roll myself up
into my hermit life.


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i am the storyteller

I was the girl that used to hear music whenever a love scene was in sight. Whether a young couple was kissing at the corned of the street or an elderly couple was holding hands i was there smiling and orchestrating symphonies in my mind. i thought i would make a nice video director one day and went to sleep with a smile.

 A dreamer, they called me, walking the earth with my heads in  the clouds all the time, could never figure out the X in the equations but always able to make up a good story about who x was and why he was always hiding.


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we are all made of flesh and bones, of stone and water of light and darkness but what makes us us, is nothing short of a miracle. Do you believe in miracles?

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travel the world or how i met murakami

They say that if you really want to, you can just pack one day and leave. Any voyage is unique, they say. It’s something which you should do now, at this age, otherwise you might never get a second chance. It’s something that you were given the chance to do, while others were not that lucky. A chance is still a compromise. It’s not a gift, as long as it comes with a now or never.
It’s fabulous. It’s new, it’s extravagant! We’re the center of attention and the violence around us takes human shape.
It all slows down around us, moving in slow motion as we keep running, with our velvety hearts hidden inside a tin carcass pulsating on the rhythm of drums, almost like growing bigger and bigger, ready to push out of our chests. We melt a little each day, and we shyly flicker like the winter’s sun, trembling like a ship who just survived a storm at sea, like a tree blooming after a hard cold winter, small, frail buds on every branch bravely opening one after another, exposing its soul to a yet weak sun.
The line of the heart has been drawn a long time ago: Bucuresti -Tokyo.
I was standing, reading Murakami’s ” A wild Sheep Chase” while waiting for my train in of one of Bucharest’s busiest subway stations. Just your average Wednesday morning, on my way to work. When finally the train enters the station with a considerable 10 minutes delay, i close my book and say to myself: This would never happen in Tokyo! (more…)

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Wear thy beauty

“Babies can see our sad eyes behind sunglasses,

Children can see our tired eyes behind all the makeup

and true artists can see beauty in age.”

Last week on the train, I met this young mother holding her young baby girl.  Next to her,  standing tall and carrying a big bag of baby stuff, her older son, not older than 7. The stroller could barely squeeze in between the others standing in the train cart.  The young man sitting next to me got up and gave his seat to the mother: An amazingly beautiful Malay lady. I could not take my eyes off her face: Radiant beauty, a little make up and a navy blue and fuchsia silk shawl.  Her baby girl reached out for me with her tiny soft little hand and gave me a little slap on the arm then smiled shyly and hid her face in her mother’s bosom.


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oh sad day ,oh month of May…

“Do you think music has the power to change people?”
” Sure,that can happen.We have an experience -like a chemical reaction that transforms something inside us. When we examine ourselves later on, we discover that all the standards we’ve lived by have shot up another notch and the world’s opened up in unexpected ways. Yes, i’ve had that experience. Not often,but it has happened. it’s like falling in love.”_ Kafka on the shore (H. Murakami)

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“A dark omnipresent pool of water{…}
The world is a huge space, but the space that will take you in-and it doesn’t have to be very big- is nowhere to be found.
You seek a voice , but what do you get?Silence. You look for silence, but guess what?
All you hear over and over again is the voice of this omen….And sometimes this prophetic voice pushes a secret switch hidden deep inside your brain.Your heart is like a great river after a long spell of rain, spilling over its banks. All signposts that once stood on the ground are gone, inundated and carried away by that rush of water. Ands still the rain beats down on the surface of the river. Every time you see a flood like that on the news you tell yourself : That’s it. That’s my heart”

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