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when Subtlety meets Simplicity

“Is it too early?

No by all means , please come in. ”

I always had gay friends , even in my Uni years, some Arts students used to come and have turkish coffee with me and my flat mates in our 4′th floor rented apartment in this harbour-city called Constanta by the Black Sea. They used to ask me to pose for their sketches saying that i have peaceful shapes (whatever that means in artistic terms )and if they were women they would have loved to look like me . That made me burst into loud laughter almost every time and made a shy, distrustful of compliments girl such as myself shade away for the rest of the day..


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La Seine et moi… Ca sera pour une autre fois

“Elle visita les monumens de notre capitale, s’appuyant sur le bras chéri qu’elle avait tant souhaité.”

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ai carte n-ai carte, fara parte

Am crescut la bunici pana la 6 ani, in cea mai ciudata perioada comunista di Romania. Anii 80. Deseori, bunicul ma lua cu el la piata iar bunica nu intelegea nicum de ce as lasa eu jucariile si joaca cu copiii, ca sa merg cu bunicul la piata. Bunicul ma tinea de mana pe strada si cand se intalnea cu vreun cunoscut ma strangea usor de degete ca sa nu uit sa dau buna ziua. Inca de pe atunci aveam tendinta de a ma lua cu visarea in timpul mersului…


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from the Carpathian garden to the gardern of Asia

    You see how the places you loved best become pale memories or souvenirs spread all over the shelves. You see how your best friends grow up and have their own kids growing up too. You realise you had a happy childhood and your grandparents garden was the garden of EDEN -the most powerfull safe place in your dreams. Noone can reach you in there. When you wake up you are strong , ready to face the new day. The people deciding yor every day life disappoint you, you fell that your every good intention or deed is monitored and saved for the final punishment. You will get it in the end if you continue to trust and hope! So, you get out in the evening , just to see if there is still life in the city, that there’s still music in the clubs and dancing in the dance classes- hope! ; that there are people talking to eachother in the buses or subways, smiling back if you smile at them - trust!;  ask for your phone number even if you wear a ring on your finger- hope! that there is always some friend willing to take you in if you feel too tired to go all the way to your place - trust! You watch disappointing news about the desperate situations created by disappointed people and yet you hope and you trust that your friends, those just like you, are watching the same and they will take their place one day and make you less of a coward and a mad man. You will be able then to go back and have children and raise them beautifully in the still wonderful Carpathian garden .

Untill then, you leave your home and all you loved ones to go to the end of the world where there’s  nothing waiting for you except for the glasshouses in the jungle and when even your very catholic priest tells you so,  then you ‘d better believe- you are truly insane.
And yet you trust and you hope that one plus one is all there will ever be! Yes,  that’s all there is to life and all one needs is one. The rest just comes along. And yes, all you can take with you is trust and hope. And you breathe heavier through the moist air and your feet go numb walking the heated asphalt, you blink faster as you go from day to night because you feel that it will take you back one day, back to the unspoiled curves of the hills, back to the snow covered peaks and the endless yellow fields that flow along the winding road, back to the secret forests and the narrow valleys deep into the land of the green-haired fairies, back to where the month of April is the month when everyone falls in love twice and lives to write about it.

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A mile and a song away

“Distantele au alti ochi, departarea are alta voce.
Dar mie imi este la fel de dor de tine.”_

_multumesc Doina Postolachi

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Dupa Neruda , numai Robin and the Backstabbers se putea!

In sfarsit ! Si multumiri  ANDREI, pt unpluggedul de pe 27 OCT 2012.

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The cheese diary sau in concluzie , Romanul face haz de necaz.

Romanu’i inventiv frate!,
Da, Romanu-i bun la toate,
Si ce isi doreste …poate!

Nu ma intrebati de intro va rog…Pur si simplu am ras isteric azi..
Imi aduc aminte cum acum cateva zile invitati fiind in luxosul apartament din Bukit Timah al unui simpatic Managing Director neamtz, ne laudam fiecare si noi si el si micutza lui nemtzoaica din Padurea Neagra cu ce ne face pe noi foarte tipic German , respectiv Roman. (more…)

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quo quo scelesti ruitis ????

Gracefully accepting defeat
I stand on my own two feet
I look down and i see you
I look up and i see through!”

Incepusem sa scriu un post glorios. (more…)

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fluturi de Bucuresti

Sa ramai viu. sa traiesti.

Credeam ca  mi se intampla numai primavara, din cauza asteniei …Sunt cateva zile, cateva ore de fluture in care invinsa de starea de somnolenta, cu ochii larg deschisi , dorm. Mai ieri era luna Mai, acum insa  e mijlocul verii si plutesc intr-un norisor roz peste strazile gri..
Atunci ce ma deosebeste insa de fluturi?

Poate pentru ca trecand sau plutind peste cel mai aglomerat bulevard al celei mai aglomerate capitale europene imi inteapa pupila o silueta sprijinita de peretele unui magazin puternic luminat .Avea capul plecat si de gat, atarnat un afis pe care scria mare cu litere de tipar”SUNT AICI”.

Brusc mi s-a facut frig apoi foame apoi simteam ca mi se usuca ochii si ca trebuie sa dorm..Am vrut sa spun ceva dar aveam gura uscata… Credeam ca lesin sau cel putin alunecam usor intr-o parte. Defapt masina oprita la semafor tocmai se pusese in miscare.

“Ce e? De ce esti nefericita?”

Nu sunt . Sunt fericita ca …Sunt Aici..

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Meet Bill.

Are 80 de ani, si e o dovada vie ca pasiunea nu   moare… inaintea ta

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