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Being Resolute vs. Making Resolutions

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

Involuntar si nu revizuind Cartea revelatiilor, cu voie si fara de voie am ajuns la concluzia ca e inutil sa iti impui rezolutii  la sfarsit de an sau sa iti impui anumite reguli, constient fiind ca in fiecare luna ce va urma le vei incalca treptat PE TOATE!.
So, “NO new year’s resolutions this time either!! (more…)

Me and my e-M.O .

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

Aproape ca ma convinsesera! Prietenii imi repeta an de an acelasi lucruri: ca nimic nu ma schimba, si ca nu sunt in stare de schimbari radicale. Ei bine, eu sunt tot eu si stiu bine cine sunt. Iar ei, sunt ei. Asa ca, am incetat sa raspund la provocari de acest gen, am incetat sa vociferez si i-am supus testului de pasivitate. Exista si un emoticon pe care il folosesc in momentul in care sunt abordata “pe mess” Acesta :- ?? (more…)

finding “the Music “

Monday, December 8th, 2008

And since it’s confession time, fasting and all, here goes: I’M A FAN! I love “the Music” I’m in their fan club; I have ¼ of the band on Facebook and even if they’re not “the new
Zeppelin” as some say, even if they’re too young and foolish to be a serious band on a European Tour , they’re just some guys from Leeds UK who are simply amazing when on the same stage and whom I simply Love.