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E cel putin dintr-o alta lume sa crezi ca inima ta bate in ritmul altcuiva…
Poate sub influenta serialelor de tip ER sau Grey’s Anatomy sau a unor filme si imagini cu operatii pe cord deschis infasate intr-o poveste a unei inimi bolnave..de dor sau altceva… (more…)

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About April…

April is a girl. She’s always staring at people much too much.
Blending colors and pouring it all into the black and white of their daily existence. She’s a very good painter. She wished she had been a dancer but that would have been way too much of her, in the  center of attention. So she paints.
“Colors can be tricky sometimes” –she used to say smiling, lowering her eyes down to her shoes.” It’s sometimes pretty difficult to make them match…”
The blue one in particular seemed to come up in every season and she tried to work with it every time. She really tried. This season,  April said No to Blue. She’s in a grey area now painting it black-“It’s  always good to go back to the basics when looking for inspiration”. She’s wearing white for a change and thinks pink –happy thoughts sleeping in a yellow cocoon, drowning her eager hands in a big bowl of red sour cherries. Did I mention she paints with her hands?

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fields of”March”

dsc06437.JPGdsc06437.JPGLet’s play with words and with our hands,
Let’s speak no more
just gaze.


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