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rock and roll might have been born in the US but is Britain keeping it alive…

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bringing one down to tears by song 3

song 1
It started out with a kiss.
For the fist time in 3 years i had a kiss at midnight and not a shot of champagne. I thought, …magic!

I dreamt colours and shapes for three days in a row. Beautifully colored, never ending, ever changing prints.The dried out flowers on the bed table still gave out a nice scent and i gave in again… to a forth night of dreamful sleep.

I woke up next to a stranger and i needed to get up and flee for the colorful crowded streets once more.

We need to learn about simplicity again. We need to start seeing ourselves as the screaming, scared new borns that we are, bunglers of life, chaotically running bundles of energy randomly sparse inside a delicate bubble of soap, unaware of the miracle¬† we could be¬† if we would simply… stop.

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