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taking down the Cristmas tree -day

I remember when i used to draw my own postcards and write them myself and put them in the mail box .. before the internet age..

Yesterday i finally managed to pay a visit to my 87 years old Godmother . She has been living alone for about 40 years. Always receiving visits, former students sending her letters on her birthday and Christmas and women’s day and most any occasion. It was a bit overwhelming my entire teenage years to actually keep up with them.  Nonetheless i was happy, i always knew she never felt forgotten or no longer important. Cos’she will always be important and never forgotten.

She said she is ashamed to go out so much nowadays. Because Old age is ugly! Then she showed us photos she took on New year’s day and photos of the friends who visited her and as she browsed through the gallery she said we should take some photos together- WITH HER OWN SMARTPHONE .  I laughed..

“OLD age you said ? You’re more connected than dad and you’re properly using your phone, which not a lot of people over 85 can do” I think you should forget about old age and if your heart or the Alzheimer won”t keep you, then go out more often, meet your friends and by all means take photos.”

As we were sipping the delicious coffee and traditional cake she had made herself, she mentioned withe the same wit in her eyes and a joyous tone:

“You know , today, is actually the last day of winter celebration. (pauses a bit and looks straight at me- i could read : “you finally made it,  i am happy, i have more reason to celebrate now, thank you! )

She continued: “Today is the day you’re supposed to take down the Christmas tree .”

i smiled and stuffed my face with cake . This is so goood!i said.

She does not know the reason i visited her is because my dad, ended up in a hospital just a couple of kilometers from her place, that his heart is weak and he might need surgery and he could not answer his mobile when she casually called him the day before.. He asked me to keep her busy until he would be ok to answer to her himself.

“It’s winter and -10 degrees and it would be very bad for her to go out ..if she knew her dear nephew is so close and so sick she would storm out…to visit. “My dad thought.

I think she can handle herself better than all of us. She is the strong one. She will be fine and she will be there to visit next year too and maybe the next one also and the next …

Real Beauty knows no Age _by blogtrotter.

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