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when Subtlety meets Simplicity

“Is it too early?

No by all means , please come in. ”

I always had gay friends , even in my Uni years, some Arts students used to come and have turkish coffee with me and my flat mates in our 4′th floor rented apartment in this harbour-city called Constanta by the Black Sea. They used to ask me to pose for their sketches saying that i have peaceful shapes (whatever that means in artistic terms )and if they were women they would have loved to look like me . That made me burst into loud laughter almost every time and made a shy, distrustful of compliments girl such as myself shade away for the rest of the day..

A short while ago, i walked into a small perfume shop on a small street in Bugis area Singapore. I had been there once previously to show it to a friend and help him choose a perfume for his sister.  The place looked so chic and it was so lovely decorated that i had to go back. Not to mention the prices were some 20% less than duty free to some products. So there i was, 10 am and this nicely pinned up guy was casually passing a broom over the ” welcome door mat”.

“Is it too early?

No, by all means , please come in. “ He lets me in and his partner takes over.

“Good morning , please take a look at the newcomers.”

“Thank you, but i believe i already know what i want…”

“Hmm.. let me see : the Prada was it?”

“Yes.. but how did you remember? I came here some 3 months ago..”

“Not a lot of people like this one. Prada issued the ones in this collection one after the other 2009-2011 and only a special kind o people like this one in particular…I myself.. consider it one of the best among the fragrances for women”

“I remember. You told me that the first time, but i thought you were just joking or trying to sell it to me.. i said smiling shrewdly..”

The guy answered with a shy smile instead.He said:

” No, you’re already sold to this perfume. I remember last time you bought the white rose Chloe..because you wanted a cheaper day time perfume for this type of hot- humid weather we have here and that would still suit you personality.You do not like sweet berry or vanilla notes..”

“Wow! you remember all that?? i said, stupidly forgetting my mouth open…

“Yes, i remember. We have a lot of girl friends coming here to buy or try what’s new, but it’s not every day we have a lady entering our little shop.”

At that point i finally closed my mouth and lowered my eyes. i believe i smiled a bit too..is it that i still do not know how to take a compliment ??

Luckily the guy continues and in the same perfectly courteous tone of voice he tells me that he invited me to check out the newcomers first, because he had just received the entire aqua di Parma collection and the Colonia perfume has the same subtle notes as Infusion d’iris.” You like this subtle tones, he added .

Not everyone perceives them and therefore not so many buy it because they like it. Most buy it because they follow the reviews the Master Perfumers give in magazines. Which is also good- for the business i mean, but you are one of those rare customers who simply like them because they suite you. So is life, the good ones come together effortlessly. Just try these and tell me honestly what you think. And also the Lanvin over there. I only have one powdery perfume today, might be too sweet because of the peonies and the Cuir de Russie by Chanel could be nice. Let me know if these pretty much cover what you like.”

…Did you ever have those moments in life when as a woman you felt that you’re not enough in touch with your feminine side…? this was one of them for me. Plus, that day,i was  carrying in my handbag a pocket size Lanvin perfume  -almost empty. And at home i had a newly purchased Chanel…could he possibly have such a good nose and smell those perfumes on me?? Freaky and nice…i thought..I took my time and tested the perfumes he indicated not saying one word. just smiling.loved every fragrance… In the end i picked up the perfume bottle i went in for . ” Thank you, this was a lovely experience. I learned a lot today, not only about perfume.”

He smiled: ” You are a very special person , i can see that . I do not know what makes you so fascinating …and your mysterious smile.. I have found my better half years ago he continued extending his hand to his partner so please do not feel shy or anything. we just love beauty.

“One more compliment and i would have dismissed him, maybe too rudely for the beautiful compliments.  Thank you, i am too flattered; i said as i reached for the wallet. He calmly wrapped the perfume bottle and added a few samples . 3 or 4.

“Do come back when you have the time, we can all have coffee next door. It’s good and i know the owner. She’s an Australian friend of mine and she’s also very artistic.

Again i shook my head to wake up. Why would he speak like he knows me ? What made him believe i was artistic? -was it my attire? i was wearing a simple white top and a long skirt and cheap shoes…and what if i was a tea person, not a coffee junkie…??!

i laughed and felt like giving him a hug. I did not. I extended my hand instead thanking him.
He kept my hand in his both hands saying goodbye and his partner waved graciously.
Is it just me, or was this a bit too much flattering? I did tell them i was buying anyway..Naaah, there are nice people in the world..trust that…trust that…trust. I was satisfied with my purchase and i only saw the small gift bag when at home: it spelled Simplicity on the side ,white on black as the name of the shop. On the other side instead, he crossed out with a silver marker the word Simplicity and in a beautiful handwriting he wrote: Subtlety…


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#1 Posted by ich (17.10.14 at 09:28 )

pai la ce te asteptai? normal ca esti frumoasa..normal sa iti faca complimente..:)..
pup u..