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Andante. Crescendo ushor.

I lie on my back and wait. Hands upon my chest ,staring at the naked ceiling and imagining how the dots united make up skeletons who dance buy their way around me..I should be fasting. I should be raising a thousand prayer flags into the sky. I should be praying my skin off my knees. Instead I lie and I stare and I wait . I wait for my senseless self to come around and take over or just me and my best friend to reunite in a joyful dance around a headen fire. The headen gods will accept me but I intend to stay around enough to steel their reign and set it on fire. To the beat of the drums I march my army of thoughts towards the fields of glory. Wheels are turning squealing tremendously and the voices inside are rising with every gasp of air. The echo in my helmet, it deafens me, the steam from the stallions back it rises to cover my sight and impale my pupils with the odor of melted iron. Fire. Then ashes cover my shoulders and my cloth. I plunge my hand into the melted metal and raise it against or into the wind. It shall be a sword or a shield. src=”http://www.blogtrotter.ro/wp-content/uploads/2008/04/pray1.jpg” alt=”pray1.jpg” />

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