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“A dark omnipresent pool of water{…}
The world is a huge space, but the space that will take you in-and it doesn’t have to be very big- is nowhere to be found.
You seek a voice , but what do you get?Silence. You look for silence, but guess what?
All you hear over and over again is the voice of this omen….And sometimes this prophetic voice pushes a secret switch hidden deep inside your brain.Your heart is like a great river after a long spell of rain, spilling over its banks. All signposts that once stood on the ground are gone, inundated and carried away by that rush of water. Ands still the rain beats down on the surface of the river. Every time you see a flood like that on the news you tell yourself : That’s it. That’s my heart”

when Subtlety meets Simplicity

9 Oct 2014 In: Eng., Urban

“Is it too early?

No by all means , please come in. ”

I always had gay friends , even in my Uni years, some Arts students used to come and have turkish coffee with me and my flat mates in our 4′th floor rented apartment in this harbour-city called Constanta by the Black Sea. They used to ask me to pose for their sketches saying that i have peaceful shapes (whatever that means in artistic terms )and if they were women they would have loved to look like me . That made me burst into loud laughter almost every time and made a shy, distrustful of compliments girl such as myself shade away for the rest of the day..

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“Elle visita les monumens de notre capitale, s’appuyant sur le bras chéri qu’elle avait tant souhaité.”

my kind of Lady…

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today’s D day

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I’m afraid of everyone but I’ll Break my arms around my love and LIT UP tonight for…

for Valentine’s day… a waltz

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I have to admit, I am in love again.
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ai carte n-ai carte, fara parte

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Am crescut la bunici pana la 6 ani, in cea mai ciudata perioada comunista di Romania. Anii 80. Deseori, bunicul ma lua cu el la piata iar bunica nu intelegea nicum de ce as lasa eu jucariile si joaca cu copiii, ca sa merg cu bunicul la piata. Bunicul ma tinea de mana pe strada si cand se intalnea cu vreun cunoscut ma strangea usor de degete ca sa nu uit sa dau buna ziua. Inca de pe atunci aveam tendinta de a ma lua cu visarea in timpul mersului…

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The Alice in wonderland women among us

they are confusing , utterly needy and distressed in appearance but in fact the spoiled little brats,  they are masters of deceit and have grown ito manipulative ever restless beings… Their apparent weakness and absent minded casual whit hide a strong decided individual with some sort of an infantile predisposition that measures exactly how much of themselves to reveal in order to get the cookie. What is it that fascinates in all this ? Read the rest of this entry »

Home is anywhere You are…

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I missed those guys a lot! they have a new album since August 2013. I feel them “Closer” now…


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