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travel the world or how i met murakami

They say that if you really want to, you can just pack one day and leave. Any voyage is unique, they say. It’s something which you should do now, at this age, otherwise you might never get a second chance. It’s something that you were given the chance to do, while others were not that lucky. A chance is still a compromise. It’s not a gift, as long as it comes with a now or never.
It’s fabulous. It’s new, it’s extravagant! We’re the center of attention and the violence around us takes human shape.
It all slows down around us, moving in slow motion as we keep running, with our velvety hearts hidden inside a tin carcass pulsating on the rhythm of drums, almost like growing bigger and bigger, ready to push out of our chests. We melt a little each day, and we shyly flicker like the winter’s sun, trembling like a ship who just survived a storm at sea, like a tree blooming after a hard cold winter, small, frail buds on every branch bravely opening one after another, exposing its soul to a yet weak sun.
The line of the heart has been drawn a long time ago: Bucuresti -Tokyo.
I was standing, reading Murakami’s ” A wild Sheep Chase” while waiting for my train in of one of Bucharest’s busiest subway stations. Just your average Wednesday morning, on my way to work. When finally the train enters the station with a considerable 10 minutes delay, i close my book and say to myself: This would never happen in Tokyo! (more…)

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Pierduti in orasele lumii.

Asteptam cu fatza spre fantana pentru ca stiam ca poti veni din orice directie mai putin de acolo. Voiam sa vad daca te voi simti… Era destul de frig dar mie imi frigeau obrajii iar ochii lacrimau fierbinte. Imi simteam inima mica, batatand iepureste . Deodata vantul se opreste si in aer pluteste un miros dulce-greu. Zambesc si deschid ochii si apoi te vad ascunzandu-te  in fular . Iti zambesc ochii -E suficient. Imi inghit sec acel-Te iubesc! si in loc,  zambesc nonsalant. O imbratisare timida. Haina  ta e scortoasa si rece si probabil iti e frig.

“Hai la un ceai, cafea ceva. Ce faci ? Ce mai faci???” (more…)

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